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July 30, 2009

posts on my loft apartment redesign can be found at – my new blog’s home! click over + check out my photos.


thanks! *hope you’re all having a lovely night*


the new blog!pretty shiny things is now taking on the abbreviated name of pst { please visit me at my new home. }

please bookmark + continue to visit!

i truly appreciate all your comments + clicks, and hope you continue to enjoy my design blog at it’s new home. if you’d like to see more about a specific topic or have any comments in general, please don’t hesitate to let me know. {i will still be checking comments on this blog for a while.}

yes. it is a bunny trapped in a tea cup.

*climbing onto soap box*

ahem ahem…

sometimes, i forget how important it is to be working towards something. when we aren’t moving forward, we tend to do the opposite or simply hold still. both, of which produce less than ideal outcomes. whether it’s a career goal – like a promotion or job change, or just something fun on the side — it’s healthy to have something you’re excited about reaching. 

if you aren’t avidly working towards a finish line of sorts…  the pent up frustration over your motivational standstill only snowballs, making you unsatisfied and creating an unproductive void. 

want to redo your living room diy style?  make a list + start right now.
thinking about polishing your photography skills? start a photo blog.
considering a venture into a new career? polish that resume tonight.

what are you waiting for? the sooner you have a goal, the more you can apply yourself to get there.

 all of this self-advice came flooding back when i set my new goal: completing the half marathon { in october.} every time i train and go for runs, i truly feel better!
ok i’ll stop now. just sayin’. you’ll feel better.

have a great monday!

help meeee
“while some health problems are large, complicated and frightening, most problems are not the end of the world. a kind word and a little help can get you on your way.”

this site is designed to do just that, remind you that not every pain, bump and scratch needs extreme medical attention. this site recommends the basics + provides some much needed medical humor. it promotes the bare minimum with no gadgets or pretty colored pills, simply what is recommended for everyday people to get over everyday pains and minor illnesses. don’t freak out people, it’s just a cold.

i love the tonality of this site. you must check out the help, i’m bored section.

bring it, monday...via ffffound.

your typical boring filing drawer - blah.

clean out those files, kids!


before + after from design*sponge. a really great summer project idea. it would look great with some decorative stencil pattern on the front or a cute painted border. { i think it may need bigger plants + bright colorful flowers to balance out the intensity of all that painted metal. }

here we go… a friend motivated me to run the columbus nationwide better health + fitness 1/2 marathon — sunday, october 18th. aahh. we started what we’re calling “preliminary” training today. which basically consisted of a 3.4 mile run during lunch { with maaaaybe two teeny weeny walk portions } a real-life-following-a-chart-training begins in about a week. as i’m sitting here, i just noticed my leg muscles tighten and my feet start to ache. oh joy. *pulls out foot massager* 

but this means i will obviously need shiny new running shoes that fit like a glove { er… sock? } and probably additional dry fit running attire { i said probably.  }

however — i am excited to have a challenging goal to work towards. i just wanna be able to say “i did it!” ** stay tuned **