tweenbots are cute…

April 30, 2009

tweenbots! these cute little guys are part of a smart human interaction project. trying to find out if random strangers will take time out from their busy ny lives to help this odd little robot as he tries to navigate his way through central park, trying to get to the destination written on his flag. read more about this project here.


tilt shift

*happy wednesday* 

Bathtub IV on Vimeo on Vimeo
by Keith Loutit 

via @razvanphoto – thanks!

yeah... ffffound

{ microsite monday }

April 27, 2009

virtual city to answer real life questionsqueensland, australia’s department of justice + attorney general have created an interactive microsite targeting gen Y. get out there – a survival guide for young adults. smart +  engaging. they’ve thought about how the target would prefer to receive information on renting, buying, higher education, healthcare, etc. i suspect young adults are more likely to spend time on a site created to entertain as well as inform — rather than heading to a blah government url and sifting through mounds of pdfs, documents and other material. just isn’t gonna happen. if the government departments are properly promoting and driving targeted traffic to this url, i think it’s a great use of a microsite to segment their audience. 

*happy sunny saturday*

April 25, 2009

83 degrees!!!out enjoying this gorgeous day. heading to a few shops to do some sunny vacation-prep browsing.

*sun + swim*

April 23, 2009

{ sun + swim }, originally uploaded by addydoodle.

twenty days… but who’s counting…

in less than three weeks, i will be on my way to beautiful sunny california. san diego to be exact. will be packin’ these shades + swim suit for a week of sun bathing, sight seeing + relaxation.

anyone have “must sees” in san diego? recommendations are more than welcome! this will be my first visit to the city.

{ thyroid cancer }

April 23, 2009

the fastest growing cancer? nope, not that one.i’m currently working with thyroid cancer survivors association ( to develop  outreach communications. while researching what awareness materials are out there, i ran across these for light of life foundation. very smart + surprising. they made cancer edgy by illustrating that the fastest growing cancer isn’t one we think of first. got into commarts — well done by lowe. now the challenge… to come up with something that clever…