next project…

July 19, 2009

cute fabric!love the colorsan upstairs office. i started gathering ideas this weekend for how to approach crafting my tiny office space. will upload a picture of what space {or lack thereof } i’m going to be working with. ideas + suggestions welcome! i have a lot of high wall space, so i’m thinking something that elongates the eye similar to photo posted {from design*sponge} + a cute diy chair would be perfect.

*happy weekend*


if i wore this... i would look like my closet attacked my face.

hopefully you’re familiar with the sartorialist… a real-people, street-hunting fashion blog. if you’re not, check it out. it features some amazing photography, urban locations and always great fashion. { reading it usually  makes me: #1 want to travel somewhere glamorous, #2 wear ridiculous amounts of layers, #3 put on a ton of jewelry, even though you’ll never see, it under a scarf. }

today i ran across this guide: a step-by-step guide to getting shot by the sartorialist. definitely made me lol. check it out. then reach for a scarf. he’s coming for you.

oh snap. follow this map.

the coke website goes on vacay.
the belgium coke website has gone on summer vacation. literally. check out the site and short flash intro, depicting the site heading off to the beach.

while the site is on vacay – they’re driving all traffic to their social networks. a smart way to get users to interact with fb, etc. i’d be interested to see the numbers during this little stunt.

happy friday…

July 10, 2009


so cute!how great is this idea? a dreary wood pallet has been turned into a lovely daybed! and yes. that is a door as the headboard. note the surrounding decor. love love love! read more about this project and it’s creator here, from design*sponge.

{ eternal moonwalk }

July 8, 2009

moonwalkin'i’m sure you’ve probably seen this by now. but it’s a fabulous “tribute” idea and { like the death of MJ } has spread like wildfire in social media land. submit your own moonwalk video or just get sucked in by the . so far… i’m liking #1398 + #1286.

{ weekend in review }

July 6, 2009

my weekend…

consisted of dogs, cookouts, the suburbs, the boyfriend, friends, good food and good drinks! it was fabulous. we did all the random things you always say you’ll do… but either find something better or run out of time. on our friday day off, we went to the columbus zoo (and kind of aquarium.) i will have to give my official review on cbus v. san diego in an upcoming post. we developed a scoring system with no functional basis or rational reasoning. stay tuned. 

… followed by a friday night cookout and drinks on the patio. saturday was the day of the mini golf tee off and championship title. (taken by myself – pictures can be found here.) then dinner at haiku with our friends. 

today… sigh… was bittersweet. not only did the end to another weekend arrive… but andy roddick fell short in the wimbledon championships. watch this clip of andy at the last place he wants to be after such a close match with rodger — a press conference. bittersweet. 

and so another monday is here. hope you all had a lovely 4th of july weekend! xoxo