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July 30, 2009

posts on my loft apartment redesign can be found at – my new blog’s home! click over + check out my photos.


thanks! *hope you’re all having a lovely night*


your typical boring filing drawer - blah.

clean out those files, kids!


before + after from design*sponge. a really great summer project idea. it would look great with some decorative stencil pattern on the front or a cute painted border. { i think it may need bigger plants + bright colorful flowers to balance out the intensity of all that painted metal. }

next project…

July 19, 2009

cute fabric!love the colorsan upstairs office. i started gathering ideas this weekend for how to approach crafting my tiny office space. will upload a picture of what space {or lack thereof } i’m going to be working with. ideas + suggestions welcome! i have a lot of high wall space, so i’m thinking something that elongates the eye similar to photo posted {from design*sponge} + a cute diy chair would be perfect.

*happy weekend*

so cute!how great is this idea? a dreary wood pallet has been turned into a lovely daybed! and yes. that is a door as the headboard. note the surrounding decor. love love love! read more about this project and it’s creator here, from design*sponge.