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it's more fun to buy swimwear on this pseudo islandif you’re gonna buy swimwear, may as well do it through a faux exotic island experience. lands’ end is trying something new with their summer retail “island.” kudos – i think it’s a job well done. visit the island.

beach biking = perfect past time
don’t they always? hope you had a great one.

just getting around to uploading some of my beach vacation photos – check ’em out. i wish i could be there now! turns out, i found the most perfect pastime. and yes… it’s even mixed with exercise! beach biking — not only do you get to enjoy beautiful scenery, you have constant wind a/c + you get a very lovely + even tan! {i know.}

** happy sunday night **

I want to do this to a baby.
this made me laugh – a lot. via on flickr

*social vibe*

June 22, 2009

social vibeplease take a moment to check out my new social vibe badge { on the right hand side of my blog.} social vibe is a very cool site that i’m currently trying to get more clients behind. it’s simple. choose your social charity of choice – mine happens to be stand up to cancer – then choose which big brand you want to sponsor you and your efforts to raise money for said charity. they donate X amount of dollars per click. and you’re off! i’ve chosen tnt as my sponsor { specifically hawthoRNe – tnt’s new hospital drama ft. jada pinkett smith.}

plus, it’s a smart way for brands to get people { like me } to become personal ambassadors for them. i like that tnt is part of this network and is willing to donate per click. of course i’m going to tell people about it. done. i’m already blogging about how great tnt is for sponsoring my cause. a corporation with a pulse – always nice. { plus i really liked their advertising show ‘trust me’… that has already been canceled. sorry tnt. }

now, thanks to corporate sponsors + social vibe, you can make a difference with a single click and no harm to your bank account! could it be any easier? so please, help me raise money to fund cancer research and click! then get a social badge of your own {for any social network} at – thank you!!

{ new dress }

June 22, 2009

pretty and girly

just in time for summer heat! my favorite part is the zipper front.

just got back from { yet another } vacation – to the beach this time! getting ready for my first full work week. sigh. monday monday.

spent the weekend in suburbia with the bf featuring a late night cookout and hbo movies. played the back draw of the tennis fax classic tournament today { results less than exciting }, followed by dinner and a movie { the hangover } very funny – go see!!

** deadlines **

June 12, 2009

enjoy { hopefully } no deadlines over the weekend! { happy friday }