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July 30, 2009

posts on my loft apartment redesign can be found at – my new blog’s home! click over + check out my photos.


thanks! *hope you’re all having a lovely night*


bring it, monday...via ffffound.

if i wore this... i would look like my closet attacked my face.

hopefully you’re familiar with the sartorialist… a real-people, street-hunting fashion blog. if you’re not, check it out. it features some amazing photography, urban locations and always great fashion. { reading it usually  makes me: #1 want to travel somewhere glamorous, #2 wear ridiculous amounts of layers, #3 put on a ton of jewelry, even though you’ll never see, it under a scarf. }

today i ran across this guide: a step-by-step guide to getting shot by the sartorialist. definitely made me lol. check it out. then reach for a scarf. he’s coming for you.

oh snap. follow this map.

{ new dress }

June 22, 2009

pretty and girly

just in time for summer heat! my favorite part is the zipper front.

just got back from { yet another } vacation – to the beach this time! getting ready for my first full work week. sigh. monday monday.

spent the weekend in suburbia with the bf featuring a late night cookout and hbo movies. played the back draw of the tennis fax classic tournament today { results less than exciting }, followed by dinner and a movie { the hangover } very funny – go see!!

new south beach collection of shades!

what better way to spend a relaxing sunday than with a pedicure? going on a beach-only vaca’ in just seven days! i can’t wait. checkout the latest opi south beach collection. the vibrant colors are amazing!

{ xoxo happy sunday }

oooh aaaahfrom anthropologie. be sure to check out the video case study to hear from anthropologie creative director, trevor lunn. talk about a dream job. their corporate offices look amaaaazing. and i love how they mix textures – clothes + collateral designs. i’m especially into the uses of paper in their online work, like showcased in this website. { just click on the anthropologie tab, bottom right corner }  love it. love it. love it!!!

{ color splash }

May 4, 2009

loving this feather headband i found on kaang’s etsy shop. and this dress from anthropology. very casual, bright + summery! i sense some online shopping in my future…