the coke website goes on vacay.
the belgium coke website has gone on summer vacation. literally. check out the site and short flash intro, depicting the site heading off to the beach.

while the site is on vacay – they’re driving all traffic to their social networks. a smart way to get users to interact with fb, etc. i’d be interested to see the numbers during this little stunt.


{ eternal moonwalk }

July 8, 2009

moonwalkin'i’m sure you’ve probably seen this by now. but it’s a fabulous “tribute” idea and { like the death of MJ } has spread like wildfire in social media land. submit your own moonwalk video or just get sucked in by the . so far… i’m liking #1398 + #1286.

click it. click it. click it. click will not be sorry. go on. click it.