if you’re not setting goals… are you setting traps?

July 27, 2009

yes. it is a bunny trapped in a tea cup.

*climbing onto soap box*

ahem ahem…

sometimes, i forget how important it is to be working towards something. when we aren’t moving forward, we tend to do the opposite or simply hold still. both, of which produce less than ideal outcomes. whether it’s a career goal – like a promotion or job change, or just something fun on the side — it’s healthy to have something you’re excited about reaching. 

if you aren’t avidly working towards a finish line of sorts…  the pent up frustration over your motivational standstill only snowballs, making you unsatisfied and creating an unproductive void. 

want to redo your living room diy style?  make a list + start right now.
thinking about polishing your photography skills? start a photo blog.
considering a venture into a new career? polish that resume tonight.

what are you waiting for? the sooner you have a goal, the more you can apply yourself to get there.

 all of this self-advice came flooding back when i set my new goal: completing the half marathon { in october.} every time i train and go for runs, i truly feel better!
ok i’ll stop now. just sayin’. you’ll feel better.

have a great monday!


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