Advertising runs in the fam, originally uploaded by addydoodle.

apparently she was appearing in ads long before i was writing them.

my grandma “nan” had a photo shoot for a newspaper ad promoting ohio power ( circa 1960. )

the concept behind this print: she’s writing a letter to her mother detailing how swell life is with electric appliances. the other half of this spread features her actual mother reading the letter. it gave both of their actual addresses. they were four streets apart.

these were the days before forms of consent, talent fees and retouching artists. simple concept. simple photo. simple ad.


simple skirt

March 30, 2009

american apparellove this american apparel tulip skirt in red. especially the pockets. can’t wait to wear.

i heart my new camera

March 30, 2009

yay! my d40 arrived today! i spent the whole evening playing around. here’s some of the very first images from nik (yep. i named it.) i’m sure they’re horrible, but i’m excited to get better!

{ my flowers, my doodle, my back porch table + my lamp }

*microsite monday*

March 30, 2009

skip intro

no grapes. no nuts. 

pretty cool and creative microsite from post grape-nuts cereal. didn’t you ever wonder why it doesn’t have grapes or nuts in it? fine. just check it out anyway. pretty sure this guy ad-libbed his entire shoot. also, features the best method i’ve ever seen for getting rid of the “skip intro” button.

*etsy find*

March 28, 2009

mini dress

a great new etsy shop  i found via michelle { meesh }- babooshka boutique. just ordered this batwing basic tunic – yay!

that old hollywood style

March 27, 2009

i love everything about this picture of my grandma (nan – on the right). she was so classy and always always up on the latest styles. i am guessing this picture was taken circa 1960. it appears they’re outside of a china shop during one of her many travels. so elegant. so beautiful. this picture captures what i missed out on of her life, but can imagine how wonderful it was.

:: anna lorena 10.10.34 — 11.19.08 ::

shiny new spot

March 27, 2009

from wieden + kennedy (amsterdam). they’ve arranged a massive amount of hondas to create headlight animation. pretty creative and definitely something you don’t see every day. the spot is specifically promoting the insight hybrid. read more in this article from adweek

also, check out the making of let it shine.