help meeee
“while some health problems are large, complicated and frightening, most problems are not the end of the world. a kind word and a little help can get you on your way.”

this site is designed to do just that, remind you that not every pain, bump and scratch needs extreme medical attention. this site recommends the basics + provides some much needed medical humor. it promotes the bare minimum with no gadgets or pretty colored pills, simply what is recommended for everyday people to get over everyday pains and minor illnesses. don’t freak out people, it’s just a cold.

i love the tonality of this site. you must check out the help, i’m bored section.


the coke website goes on vacay.
the belgium coke website has gone on summer vacation. literally. check out the site and short flash intro, depicting the site heading off to the beach.

while the site is on vacay – they’re driving all traffic to their social networks. a smart way to get users to interact with fb, etc. i’d be interested to see the numbers during this little stunt.

just a friendly reminderyou eat what you touch.

*don’t forget to wash your hands today*

from lowe indonesia for lifebuoy hand wash.

click it. click it. click it. click will not be sorry. go on. click it. 

it's more fun to buy swimwear on this pseudo islandif you’re gonna buy swimwear, may as well do it through a faux exotic island experience. lands’ end is trying something new with their summer retail “island.” kudos – i think it’s a job well done. visit the island.

om nom nomyes. it’s in swedish. no it isn’t helpful to “us”… but it is very calming, simple, clean and pretty. i like the specific target of a healthy breakfast only. there are tons of sites trying to help us count calories at every meal. they’re usually list based or fill-in-the-box kind of forms – they work well, but are slightly boring. especially if you’re returning day after day to input your data. this brings a fun new visual technique that just may keep users coming back. and it’s still quick and easy. if it had an actual, ‘login/track your breakfast habits’ option { hey maybe it does… i can’t read it }  and if it was in english, i’d use it. kudos to the wasa and forsman + bodenfors.

{ but i would have the logo link to the wasa homepage. just one of my nav pet peeves }

{microsite monday} an absolut world… all navigation is as sweet as this. the rotating boxes are nice. check out some of the viral videos that represent different outlooks and perspectives on what would take place in an “absolut world.”