the coke website goes on vacay.
the belgium coke website has gone on summer vacation. literally. check out the site and short flash intro, depicting the site heading off to the beach.

while the site is on vacay – they’re driving all traffic to their social networks. a smart way to get users to interact with fb, etc. i’d be interested to see the numbers during this little stunt.


beach biking = perfect past time
don’t they always? hope you had a great one.

just getting around to uploading some of my beach vacation photos – check ’em out. i wish i could be there now! turns out, i found the most perfect pastime. and yes… it’s even mixed with exercise! beach biking — not only do you get to enjoy beautiful scenery, you have constant wind a/c + you get a very lovely + even tan! {i know.}

** happy sunday night **

new south beach collection of shades!

what better way to spend a relaxing sunday than with a pedicure? going on a beach-only vaca’ in just seven days! i can’t wait. checkout the latest opi south beach collection. the vibrant colors are amazing!

{ xoxo happy sunday }

little italy, i want to go to there {again}as one door closes on my san diego trip… i have the feeling another will open… if i’m looking.

see more vacation pics on my flickr site.

lisa mitchell*great song* lisa mitchell’s “neapolitan dreams” video. sounds + looks like a dream.  

and with that… i am off to sunny california for a bit. 

{ have a happy rest of your week }

vacation is calling…

April 13, 2009

i just don’t know where from. thinking somewhere far away from here… california? ocean front? open to suggestions! i’m going to do some research. stay tuned. and happy monday!

{if this is my toughest decision of the week, i’ll be happy}