{ eternal moonwalk }

July 8, 2009

moonwalkin'i’m sure you’ve probably seen this by now. but it’s a fabulous “tribute” idea and { like the death of MJ } has spread like wildfire in social media land. submit your own moonwalk video or just get sucked in by the . so far… i’m liking #1398 + #1286.


click it. click it. click it. click it.you will not be sorry. go on. click it. 

running with nike…

May 8, 2009

*happy friday*

love this animation from james jarvis for nike. it’s more of an artistic collaboration with the brand, rather than an “in your face” ad. nike’s presence is minimal, and yet this animation is already a viral success. (yeah yeah, they’re nike, they can do anything.) still a nice, simple little piece.