{ eternal moonwalk }

July 8, 2009

moonwalkin'i’m sure you’ve probably seen this by now. but it’s a fabulous “tribute” idea and { like the death of MJ } has spread like wildfire in social media land. submit your own moonwalk video or just get sucked in by the . so far… i’m liking #1398 + #1286.


get your basketball on

leroy  smith – the man who took the last spot on michael jordan’s high school varsity team, leaving mj for jv – is now claiming to be jordan’s first “motivator.” the comical site is well done – a complete experience incorporating a facebook fan page and a regularly updated twitter account. there is even a petition to sign to get him in the hall of fame.

although i don’t know what the site is { really } for… some speculate nike { perhaps a new release of air jordan shoes } in which case – what an amazingly elaborate teaser.



* happy monday *