lisa mitchell*great song* lisa mitchell’s “neapolitan dreams” video. sounds + looks like a dream.  

and with that… i am off to sunny california for a bit. 

{ have a happy rest of your week }


{rules to write by}

May 12, 2009

write it!7. make it as short as possible. then cut that in half.

running with nike…

May 8, 2009

*happy friday*

love this animation from james jarvis for nike. it’s more of an artistic collaboration with the brand, rather than an “in your face” ad. nike’s presence is minimal, and yet this animation is already a viral success. (yeah yeah, they’re nike, they can do anything.) still a nice, simple little piece.

the other britain…

May 5, 2009

the other britainfish + chips? the queen? tea? sure. but apparently britain has another side they’d like you to experience. nicely done. check it out + click around. the graphics are worth it. 

{ color splash }

May 4, 2009

loving this feather headband i found on kaang’s etsy shop. and this dress from anthropology. very casual, bright + summery! i sense some online shopping in my future…

{microsite monday} an absolut world… all navigation is as sweet as this. the rotating boxes are nice. check out some of the viral videos that represent different outlooks and perspectives on what would take place in an “absolut world.”