{ microsite monday }

April 20, 2009

preppy kids jumpingthis new lacoste site definitely packs a lot in, but it nicely integrates and mirrors the popular print ads. once you get past the  intro (which as the “skip” button says,  is really great + you should watch) you can choose to browse outfits by clicking on the wildly posed models. the load music/txt is a little in you face, but overall i think the music really adds something to the site (that something may be a sweaty, preppy techno club virtual party) but at least it’s more entertaining than your typical “loading…” graphic. aaand no microsite would be truly complete without… games.  you can choose to play a simpler version of guitar hero featuring each model. not sure that it makes me want to buy the clothes, but it’s interesting. overall i’d say good effort, nice production on the intro and nice graphics. it’s fairly easy to navigate. plus, if you’re only interested in buying, there’s a “shop online” tout that takes you to something more manageable. 


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