{ nice lil weekend }

April 5, 2009


date nighthaiku patio


started off with a friday night date + delish dinner at haiku.  i live two blocks from this restaurant, but surprising enough, this was my first time there. not being a huge fan of sushi (or seafood in general. i know i know. but it’s squishy… i’m very consistency oriented) i had never ventured in. but am glad we did. starting with my new fav appetizer, eda mame, then an amazing dish of haiku chicken. yum. can’t wait to go back + sit on the patio!


omy brightnesspretty shiny lights


short north gallery hopneed a trim?

that was followed by a saturday afternoon of short north gallery hop — where i played with my new camera… a lot. and did a wine tasting at vino 100. (which we were actually less than impressed with :/ o well) it was a beautiful day to take out the nikon.

would you like a little florida with your sunday?sugar + coffee = vibrating out the door








the perfect end (if there is such a thing as a perfect end to a weekend) was a sunday including brunch at banana bean cafe, mmm… i ordered bananas foster french toast (so what if it’s basically a dessert?) + coffee. amazing. i will be back! followed by a trip to north market + a jog with the doodle. ahh how i love weekends of 65 + sunny!

*check out my flickr page for more pics from the weekend*


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