*wine me*

April 1, 2009

wine me plztried two new wines recently. the one on the left i purchased from vino 100  a mix between merlot and cabernet, it was the first wine i’d had with wine crystals – or tartrates. to get the best taste, you should open at least an hour prior to drinking. the crystals the form on the bottom of the cork + the sides of the bottle are characteristic of a wine that has had the benefit of long bottle aging. i give it a B-, only because at the end of a glass i would find some of the crystals and didn’t particularly care for the mixed texture. 

the tiny bottle on the right was brought back from greece by my sister. it is merely a red table wine. she said many a times, their indecisiveness over restaurant drink menus resulted in free bottles. if only my indecisiveness in life resulted in free wine. the greeks are onto somethin’.


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