organization = relief

March 20, 2009


mmkay… so “peter walsh” did not help me but… last night, around 7 pm i thought it would be a fabulous idea to clean out every closet in my apartment. (granted it is tiny so that consisted of only three, but three crammed-to-the-max spaces!) one was so ridiculous that after the re-org, i gained a tiny sitting room. (almost) i am getting rid of mounds of “stuff.” and.. i have way too many jeans for one person with only two legs. (yes, if i had 4 -6 extra legs, all them would make total sense.) but i can’t help it. some people desire shoes, infomercial as-seen-on-tv products or cat paintings (… i’m sure those people are out there. i hope i never meet them.) i… heart… jeans. but i did manage to part with some of them. 
point being, after my spring cleaning escapade i felt like a weight had been lifted! (a 100 pound denim weight.) it was marvelous. and i honestly think i slept better last night. more breathing space? 

happy spring cleaning! 
(just do it. you’ll feel better)

(ad from OfficeMax Branding Team. Found on this blog.)


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