vino vino = yumyum

March 14, 2009


we both decided to go with the “restaurant week” special: pistachio crusted chicken paired with la posta, malbec red wine. ( was apparently made from thirty-two year old vines tended by an elderly man named “angel”) then chocolate creme brûlée’ for a delicious dessert! a m a z i n g. and a nice intimate (but not too intimate atmosphere.) highly recommend it. vino vino = yum yum.
granted we had a tiny issue with parking (running over two curbs, etc)… (i was not driving, for the record)… but it was totally worth it. 

i want to like you, jimmy fallon

after din, bf and i stuck to “the plan” for a low key evening. this means he watches eastbound and down (and re-quotes his favorite lines)… and i fall asleep. (oops) never fear… i woke up in time to watch jimmy fallon be possibly the most unfunny human to wear a snuggy in the history of the world. sigh. i guess we didn’t like conan or jay for about a year… i just don’t know if i can take the obvious pain of fail. maybe it’s his writers (the delivery is a given fail). i want to like him, i really do! but i don’t… yet.


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